AMINA, Morocco



Studying Social Sciences and hopes to combine her passion for photography, video making, music and people to focus on migration movements, refugee crisis and access to education in Africa


Why did you choose ALU?

While many will see my choosing ALU from other International universities where I was admitted,  as choosing the road less traveled, it was exactly what I has been searching for all my life. ALU gave me a space I had been struggling to find which fits my ambitions, being, and hopes. With its contextualized curriculums, relevant skills development, that grooms talented individuals to become the best they can be there is no place I would rather be.

Why was a scholarship important for you to attend ALU ?

When I received the scholarship two years ago,it definitely meant that I could attend the university that I really fell in love with without having to think about the expenses, or loans my father would have taken to allow me to come here.

Today, the scholarship means much more to me than it did before. Having lost my father just a few months ago, and my mother many years before, getting a quality education, at an excellent university without any parents to support me both financially and emotionally is a very challenging obstacle.

What do you love about studying at ALU ?

I love the dynamics, the African centered aspect of it. The fact that there is no student/professor hierarchy, and being surrounded by amazing minds, and talented individuals, smarter than myself allows a continuous exchange of ideas and projects, and long term initiatives that aim to help the Mauritian communities and also our own communities back home.

In your opinion, what’s special about being at ALU compared to other educational institutions?

Being here, means that we are creating something that is ours. It means that we get to shape our individual experience and drive our own learning. It also means that we are starting this tremendous revolution driven by educated young minds who are very passionate about their countries. The experience is also very focused on individual growth, and having an entire institution care about your wellbeing as one of its major priorities is a unique thing to have.

What have you gained by being at ALU?

I would say lifelong friendships would be the core of what I gained here at ALU. Also, a sort of intellectual richness when thinking of the African identity and what it means. Also, living within a space fueled by Pan-Africanism also allows a discourse on horizons: full of hope, resistance and perseverance. Whenever I look around me everyday, I gain confidence in the ways in which the challenges that we are currently facing as nation-states in Africa can be solved, and it requires more than one person, and more than one mind.

What do you hope to become when you graduate ?

I don’t know how to name it, but I know that it will be through a multidisciplinary lense, that combines my passion for photography, video making, music, people, with a focus on mixed migration movements, refugee crisis, and access to education.

What is your ultimate, biggest wildest dream for your future ?

My biggest and wildest dream for the future is to build the biggest and largest publishing house that would enable young writers to share their stories and contribute to knowledge production. I want to change the narrative of how Africa is represented in the world and bring about a true and optimistic reflection of our beautiful continent.

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