Creating the next generation of young African leaders

We expect that given access to a world-class education and training in leadership,  the students we select will be prepared to serve as leaders in the private, public and nonprofit sectors across the continent. We believe that by attending institutions such as African Leadership University, with a curriculum focused on entrepreneurship and innovation, many of the students will become entrepreneurs who will create jobs and economic opportunities for others, helping to create a virtuous cycle of impact.

Transforming individual lives and communities

Africa will face a variety of critical challenges over the next few decades. Rapid urbanization, the threat of climate change, and exponential population growth will place a strain on education, healthcare and economic systems. Each scholarship we give will have multiple ripple effects. When you educate a young person, you give them the tools to uplift themselves and also create a better livelihood for their families and communities. The young leaders we invest in today will be the key enablers of an Africa that is well governed, economically prosperous and equipped to meet the increasingly complex challenges of the 21st century.