Africa urgently needs to invest in its youth population. Currently, 50% of Africa’s population is under the age of 25. By 2050, Africa’s under 18 population will have reached almost a billion people. Yet only 6% of African youth have access to higher education.

Too many future entrepreneurs, political leaders, scientists, humanitarians, and artists in Africa are being held back by lack of university funding. Without financial help, the aspirations, talent, and ingenuity of the other 94% will remain unrealized  and their potential to impact Africa wasted. Without a serious and concerted effort to train these young people with 21st century skills relevant to the world of work, the continent may face a deep and serious crisis. For Africa to prosper, we need the full participation of the 94% of those who don’t yet have access to higher education, and the time to invest in their future is NOW.

A university education grounded on entrepreneurship, leadership, and work-readiness training can empower young people to transform their own lives and those of their families, communities, countries and the African continent as a whole. Our mission is to extend the gift of higher education to African students who have high leadership potential but come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. To accomplish this, we are partnering with African Leadership University to provide funding to students. This will  give them access to education that will enable them to develop real world skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, entrepreneurship and leadership. We believe this is an important toolkit that will equip them to make a positive impact through solving some of the continent’s biggest challenges.

Our 3 core objectives are:

  • Expanding access to education for disadvantaged students
  • Enabling young people to build real-world skills that are relevant to the future of Africa
  • Creating high impact leaders who will solve the continent’s biggest challenges and capture its greatest opportunities