ARINZE, Nigeria



Studying Social Sciences and is passionate about the arts


Why did you choose ALU?

I wanted to go to a place where I will feel at home with like-minded people. In high school, I always felt out of place because my dreams were considered too big, my passion to cause change was considered a subversion of authority. Coming to ALU seemed like the light at the end of the tunnel where I will be surrounded by other people ‘crazy’ enough to think that they can change the world.

Why was a scholarship important for you to attend ALU ?

Getting a scholarship was my only chance of attending ALU. I was raised  by a single mother and affording  the tuition to go to any university was an uphill battle.

What do you love about studying at ALU?

The people. Studying at ALU has not been the easiest thing because you find yourself torn between being a student and being a co-builder of a new and exciting institution,both of which can be full-time roles! However, surrounding myself with people who continuously motivate me to achieve more inspired me to do more.

In your opinion, what’s special about being here in comparison to other educational institutions?

The Pan-African experience from staff to students at ALU is second to none on the continent or anywhere else in the world. Secondly, the ALU network is one of the widest and deepest on the continent. These two things are the key things which, I believe, set ALU apart from other institutions.

What have you gained by being at ALU?

Four things: self confidence, stronger critical thinking, a broader network, and a richer multicultural awareness.

What do you hope to become when you graduate?

I’m not certain yet. I guess I’m still riding the wave of my passions and talents to see which shore I find myself on while learning something every step of the way. However, I know I want to be a marketer for a while, then a management consultant, before heading to business and law school for a JD/MBA joint degree.

What is your ultimate, biggest wildest dream for your future?

I plan to someday set up a pan-African school for the creative and performing arts: music, dance, film, fashion, painting, deejaying, and graphic design. This, I hope, will train the young people who will build a more sophisticated and financially buoyant media & entertainment industry in Africa.

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