TOLOTRA, Madagascar



Studies Electrical Engineering and has a passion for engineering, building robots, and using technology to solve problems


Why did you choose ALU?

It has a mission of transforming Africa through the nurturing its next generation of leaders and I wanted to be part of this mission. I see myself as one of those future leaders. ALU has the ambition of tackling the problem of an educational system which is not preparing student for a fast changing world. To create change, we need to become more innovative. I feel that ALU is preparing me for that more than anywhere else.  

Why was the scholarship important for you to study at ALU  ?   

Without the scholarship, I wouldn’t be able to develop my potential and be where I am today. I believe my exposure would have still been limited: from the opportunity to study engineering and pursue my passion for building robots and drones. Good quality education is expensive.  I come from an average income family but I have great ambition. This scholarship helps me to get closer to my goals, something that my family wouldn’t be able to sustain on their own.

What do you love about studying at ALU?

I love the way the facilitators engage with the student in a very open minded perspective. They don’t put a border between themselves and the students. They come together, solve the problem together, build a project together. They collaborate with the students as peers, and that is empowering. I love the freedom I have to to learn anything, even things that are not related to engineering and have everyone support you on that. The most important thing that I got from being at ALU is the self-awareness in terms of my identity (my story, my passion, my goals…) and nurturing them, in order to grow and develop my full potential.

What do you hope to become when you graduate?

 When I graduate, I hope to become a person that knows how to manage his knowledge about technology for the benefit of a community in sustainable ways. I hope to continue to pursue engineering and my passion for building robots and artificial intelligence and use them to solve the problems we face in society.

 What is your ultimate, biggest wildest dream for your future ?

I want to make an impact beyond the field of science. I’m aiming to be a leader that helps my country, Madagascar, to achieve the standard adequate lifestyle for every citizen. For that, I hope to one day be a leader in the Government of Madagascar.

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