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Our plans for the future.


We believe that developing the next generation of young leaders is one of the most powerful ways we can effect positive change on the African continent. We believe that these young leaders can come from all walks of life and all socioeconomic backgrounds.

However, too many students in Africa who have the potential to thrive at universities are being held back by lack of funding. Currently, only 6% of African youth have access to higher education. Africa’s future entrepreneurs, political leaders, scientists, humanitarians, and artists need the spark of opportunity to be able to realize their full potential. Without financial help, the aspirations, talent, and ingenuity of the other 94% will remain unrealized and their potential to impact Africa wasted.

We want to change this.

Our mission is to give the gift of higher education to African students who have high leadership potential but are unable to access university due to lack of funding. We believe by providing the life transforming opportunity of world class education, skills and leadership development, young people can be empowered to transform their own lives and go on lead change in their families, communities and countries.

Why Youth and Education?
Africa urgently needs to invest in its youth population. Currently, 50% of Africa’s population is already under the age of 25. By 2050, Africa’s under 18 population will have reached almost a billion people. Every month, I million young people enter the job market in Africa. This could be an incredible opportunity to grow and develop the continent, but only if we invest now in giving young people the education and skills training needed for them to make a real impact. Without a serious and concerted effort to train young people with 21st century skills relevant to the world of work, Africa’s growing population will not yield the demographic “dividend” and the continent may face a deep and serious crisis. For the continent to prosper, we need the full participation of the 94% of those who don’t yet have access to higher education, and the time to invest in their future is NOW.


It costs $4,000 in tuition to attend African Leadership University in Rwanda. Even with financial aid through Income Share Agreements, which brings down the cost to about a $1000, 70% of the talented young people admitted to ALU in the past year could not attend for financial reasons. Your donation can help complete the “last mile” for a student’s education.